TL225 Steel Flexible Cable Tray Chain

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Special applications require the use of special cable carriers. Our steel and stainless steel cable carriers are ideal for extreme heat or other very rough ambient conditions, such as in mining, smelting or oil production. Standardized separating options offer best possible protection for cables and hoses even under strong mechanical strain.

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● Robust design for strong mechanical strain

● High additional loads and extensive unsupported lengths possible

● Ideal for extreme and rough ambient conditions

● Heat-resistant

● Weight-optimized one-part link plate design

● Better value than comparable steel cable carriers

● Significantly higher unsupported lengths compared to plastic cable carriers of a similar size

● Integrated radius and pre-tension stops – in a good value design

● Bolted stay systems, solid end connectors

● Cover with steel band available on request

● Also possible as a double band solution

● Good corrosion resistance

The Design

Proven steel cable carriers with extremely sturdy link plates and dedicated joint design with multi stroke system and hardened bolt. The extremely sturdy design allows extensive unsupported lengths and high possible additional loads.

A zinc-plated steel frame provides strength for a long service life as these carriers support and protect moving cable and hose. The crossbars twist out of the frame, so you can lay in cable and hose from the top and access it at any point along the length. The open design promotes air flow to prevent heat buildup and keeps cable and hose visible. Remove the pins in the links to make length adjustments.

Mounting bracket sets (sold separately) include two brackets for the fixed end, two brackets for the moving end, and fasteners.They can mount inside or outside the carrier frame.

Model Table

Type TL65 TL95 TL125 TL180 TL225
Pitch 65 95 125 180 225
Bending radius(R) 75. 90. 115. 125. 145. 185 115. 145. 200. 250. 300 200. 250. 300. 350. 470. 500. 575. 700. 750 250. 300. 350. 450. 490. 600. 650 350. 450. 600. 750
Min/max Width 70-350 120-450 120-550 200-650 250-1000
Inner H 44 70 96 144 200
Length L Customized by the user
Max bore of support plate 35 55 75 110 140
Rectangular hole 26 45 72  

Structure Diagram



Cable drag chains can be used in a variety of applications, wherever there are moving cables or hoses. there are so many applications include; machine tools, process and automation machinery, vehicle transporters, vehicle washing systems and cranes. Cable drag chains come in an extremely large variety of sizes.

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