ZF35 Full-closed type Load Bearing Cable Track For Cnc

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Cable and hose carriers are flexible structures made of links that guide and organize moving cable and hose. Carriers enclose the cable or hose and move with them as they travel around machinery or other equipment, protecting them from wear. Cable and hose carriers are modular, so sections may be added or removed as needed without specialized tools. They’re used in many settings, including material handling, construction, and general mechanical engineering.

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TL drag chains are mainly consisting of chain plate (top quality stainless steel with chromium plated), supporting board

The theme of TL series drag chain is composed of chain plate (high quality steel plate chrome plating), support plate (aluminum alloy), shaft pin (alloy steel) and other parts, so that there is no relative movement or distortion between cable or rubber tube and tow chain. Chain plate after chrome plating treatment effect of the novel appearance, reasonable structure, high strength, rigid ametabolic, easy installation, use and reliable, easy to tear open outfit, especially the product USES the high strength wear resistant materials, alloy steel as the shaft pin, improve the wear resistance strength, bend more flexible, less resistance, reduce the noise, which can guarantee long time use not deformation, not prolapse. Due to its exquisite appearance, this product can greatly enhance the overall artistic aesthetic effect of machine tools and equipment, and enhance the competitiveness of China's machine tools and mechanical equipment in the international market.

Cable Drag Chain - The hoses & electrical cables connected to machinery parts in motion may get damaged as direct tension is applied on them; instead the use of Drag Chain eliminates this problem as the tension is applied on Drag Chain thus keeping the Cables & hoses intact & facilitating smooth movement.

Model Table


Inner H×W(A)

Outer H*W


Bending Radius


Unsupported length

ZF 35-2x50



Totally enclosed
Top and bottom lids can be opened

75. 100. 125. 150. 175. 200. 250. 300



ZF 35-2x60



ZF 35-2x75



ZF 35-2x100



Structure Diagram



Cable drag chains can be used in a variety of applications, wherever there are moving cables or hoses. there are so many applications include; machine tools, process and automation machinery, vehicle transporters, vehicle washing systems and cranes. Cable drag chains come in an extremely large variety of sizes.

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